Eight Jackals die in Guwahati Zoo

Eight Jackals die in Guwahati Zoo

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Guwahati (Assam), August 21, 2018:

At least eight jackals died at the Assam State Zoo widely known as Guwahati Zoo in the past few days due to a virus named canine distemper virus.

Speaking to IndideNE, Tejas Mariswamy, Zoo DFO said, “We suspect the prime cause behind the death of the jackals to be canine distemper virus. We are taking all precautionary measures so that it doesn’t spread to other animals.”

It may be mentioned that there were 18 jackals in the zoo, out which eight died in the past two weeks.

Mariswamy added that they are hopeful that the virus does not spread any further.

He further added that the virus could spread to tigers and lions too and so they are taking full precaution so that it does not spread to those animals.

He also informed that the CDV is common in domestic dogs and cats.

“A lot of visitors come to the zoo and that may be a cause of the spread as a lot of people have pets. The virus doesn’t affect human beings. But they may be the carrier”, he said.