Ensure uninterrupted medical, nursing services, Hailakandi administration to health authorities

Ensure uninterrupted medical, nursing services, Hailakandi administration to health authorities

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Hailakandi, December 27,2018:

The Hailakandi district administration has asked the health authorities to ensure round the clock running of medical services, including nursing as they have been declared 'essential service' by Government of Assam under the Essential Services Maintenance (Assam) Act, 1980.

In a letter to the Joint Director, Health Services, Dr. Abed Rasul Mazumder on Monday, Additional District Magistrate Amalendu Roy said following the notification issued by Political (A) Department, it has become expedient to provide medical and nursing care to the patients, as these services have been declared 'essential' and hence any strike is strictly prohibited under the provisions of ESMA, 1980.

In the wake of frequent strikes, the Government of Assam has declared medical services, including nursing service as essential service under the provision of the stringent ESMA, 1980.

"We found to our utter dismay that strikes at Government-run medical colleges and civil hospitals are quite frequent. Even routine services at these institutions get crippled, resulting in massive hardships to patients. It is against this backdrop, we felt it was time all medical services, including nursing services are governed by ESMA.

Following the notification, doctors, nurses, technicians and other personnel will now be restrained from resorting to strike, " said a senior official of the administration.

Under the existing provisions of the Act, its ambit is valid for six months from the date of issue of notification, but can be extended by another six months with the permission of the competent authority.

Under Section 3 of the Act, if the State Government is satisfied that 'in the public interest it is necessary or expedient to do so’, it may, by a special order, prohibit strike in an essential service.



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Published On: Dec 28, 2018