Ex-NDFB members raise concern over their post-accord condition; allege negligence by govt

Ex-NDFB members raise concern over their post-accord condition; allege negligence by govt


GUWAHATI: The Ex-NDFB Welfare Society, Udalguri has raised their concern over the post-accord condition of the surrendered members of the National Democratic Front of Boroland (NDFB) and also accused the government of negligence towards them.

The BTR Peace Accord was signed among NDFBs, ABSU, Assam Government and the Indian Government on January 27, 2020, in New Delhi.

NDFB society termed this accord as an outcome of NDFB's sole dedication and said," Not any other Boro or nin-Boro organisations are worthy to be acclaimed as having an inductive role in accomplishing this 3rd Boro Accord."

"Even had this accord been done between only NDFB, Assam Govt and Indian Govt without being interfered by any egoistic, selfish, deceitful and fraudulent thingummies, it would be far better than this ambiguous, contradictory, detrimental and stifling one," read the statement by Ex-NDFB members taking an indirect jibe at ABSU.

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The Ex-NDFB members also alleged that the surrendered members are still being deprived of all the job and financial compensations as mentioned in MoS of the accord. Also, they expressed their dissatisfaction over the amount of four lakhs rupees that were provided to the members on a condition of being faithful and out of suspicious activities after which only they can receive the maturity amount after three years. Due to which the members faced a hard time during the lockdown. Many started the business by taking loans against fixed deposits instead but their business did not survive due to the lockdown and all their money gone wasted.

The members also said that the stipend of Rs. 6,000 announced to them is not regular either and this year in nine months they have just received the stipend thrice.

They also said that the Assam Government and Indian Government should give Ex NDFB cadres proper rehabilitation through jobs, compensation and general amnesty to all kinds of criminal cases as per the accord or else the cadres will be compelled by the situation to go back to the former stream and govt will be accountable for that.

"It is better full in the jungle than empty in open," read the statement.

Ex NDFC leaders also observing September 14 as 33rd Martyr's Day even after disbandment of the organisation to pay homage to the martyrs of the organisation.

"The observation of this day will continue forever irrespective of the condition of lives of surviving inmates," they added.

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