Father sold his son for Rs 40k to buy drugs in Assam's Morigaon

Father sold his son for Rs 40k to buy drugs in Assam's Morigaon

Father sold his son for Rs 40k to buy drugs Father sold his son for Rs 40k to buy drugs

LAHARIGHAT: In a shocking incident, a man from Assam's Morigaon district has reportedly sold his two-and-a-half-year old son for buying drugs.

The incident was reported from Laharighat village in Morigaon.

According to the mother of the child, Rukmina Begum her husband, Aminul Hoque sold their son to a lady named Sajida Begum in Goroimari, Laharighat in Morigaon at Rs 40, 000 for buying drugs.

Aminul Hoque is a resident of Barbari village, who has been dealing drugs for the last three years,said Rukmina.

She also said that besides, dealing drugs, Aminul also run sex racket at his residence.

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Speaking to the media Rukmina said, "I repeatedly asked him many times to stop dealing drugs, but he never listened to me instead, he tortured me and sent me back to my father's house. Since then, I have been staying at my father's house and it has been four months now. "

Aminul visited Rukmina at her father's place a few days ago and brought their child with him, saying he would apply for his Adhaar card, but even after two or three days, Aminul did not return their son to Rukmina.

Following that Rukmina asked her in laws about her child but they said they have no idea about the child's whereabouts.

Rukmina then asked  her neighbours and on receiving information that Aminul have sold their son to Sajida Begum for buying drugs, she along with some persons visited  Sajida's house and asked her to return their son back, while the lady refused to give the child back to Rukmina and said, " Give my money back and take him with you. "

Later, Rukmina filed a complaint against Aminul and Sajida Begum at the Laharighat Police Station.

Police arrested both the accused and handed over the child to Rukmina.

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Published On: Aug 06, 2021