Four injured in 'elephant invasion' in Guwahati

Four injured in 'elephant invasion' in Guwahati

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Guwahati (Assam), September 14, 2018

On Friday at least four people including one woman were severely injured during an elephant ‘invasion’ in Guwahati’s Panjabari.

Locals of the area stated that over the past few days an elephant herd was regularly seen moving in the area. Although over the past days the elephants did not harm to anyone, on Friday one elephant attacked the locals injuring at least four people.

The jumbos also destroyed few houses in the area as well.

The forest department following incident, reached the spot to chase the herd away.

Currently, the locals are under the fear that the herd might come again and so many have decided to stay out of the area till the situation improves.

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Published On: Sep 14, 2018