Upamanyu Hazarika Upamanyu Hazarika

Guwahati, October 30, 2018:

Prabajan Virodhi Manch Convenor Upamanyu Hazarika has accused the government of playing divisive politics.

Hazarika in a statement Tuesday said that the real enemies of the people of Assam are not the Bangladeshi immigrants but our own political leaders, who play politics over the future and existence of the indigenous people.

The Supreme Court lawyer citing an example said that the Khanapara veterinary ground in Guwahati, where a rally by Bengali organizations was to be held on November 17, was actually never booked by any organization to hold any such rally.

Hazarika added that the government even after knowing the fact that the venue has not being booked by any organization said that no such event will be allowed in the veterinary ground premises, keeping in the issue alive.

It is clear that the government is party to a conspiracy along with others to create a rift among the populace and move the people away from the real issue, illegal immigration. Such a discourse will only help the political parties for the upcoming elections and detrimental for the people, said Hazarika.

Hazarika further said that the threat to the existence of indigenous people of Assam has come from the existence illegal immigrants who are heading towards a majority and will turn thr indigenous into a minority before 2040.

Hazarika suggested three comprehensive measures by which this threat can be contained:

First, on the basis of 1951 NRC, a protective legislation, reserving lands, government jobs, trade licenses etc. on lines of the Bill recently passed by the Manipur State Assembly, should also be passed by the Assam.

Second, discrepancies in the NRC to be removed by re-verification of those included in the border and migrant dominated districts.

Third, it must be ensured that no new immigration takes place through instruments like Citizenship Amendment Bill or any other law for that matter, further burdening Assam.

Hazarika added that pamphlets will be distributed across Assam to aware people about the three essential demands for the cause of the indigenous people.

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Published On: Oct 31, 2018