Guwahati: 30 landslides in 3 days as rain continues to batter city

Guwahati: 30 landslides in 3 days as rain continues to batter city

Landslides Landslides

GUWAHATI: Heavy rains continue to batter Guwahati for three days straight, throwing life out of gear and worsening the flood situation.

According to the latest report, shallow landslide incidents occurred at Birkuchi, Narengi Tinali, Chandrapur. On the other hand, landslide also occured at the Azara-Nepali Basti Hill area on June 14.

Residents voluntarily moved out of the place and are currently sleeping out at their relative's place during the night.

They do come back to their residence during the day for some necessary work.

Besides, due to the prevailing weather conditions, there is a further possibility of landslides in several areas.

Meanwhile, landslides occured at Guwahati’s Fatasil Amabari, Pyoli Phukon Nagar, and Amiya Nagar localities on 15 June.

Landslides have also been reported from Dispur-Narakasur, Japorigog Krishna Nagar, Bhagaddata Path Geetanagar, Kalapahar Nirgam Annand Kailashnagar Pub Bhabanipur, 8th Mile. Lichubagan-Hengrabari, Nabanagar Hengrabari, Noonmati Garden.

Bapuji Nagar-Noonmati, Nurakasur-Border wall Collapse partially damaged Nanabora and Ananta Kalitas residence occured at early morning Sam. However, no casualties were reported.

Damage due to landslide was also reported from Japorigog Krishna Nagar and Mommil Haque Path.

In Bhagaddata path of Geetanagar, a wall collapsed and an electric pole was damaged.

Landslides were also reported at Kalapahar Nirgam Annand, Kailashnagar Pub Bhabanipur, 8th Mile- Amerigog, Lichubagan-Hengrabari-Lichubagan, and Nizarapar Hengrabati areas, respectively.