Guwahati: Rapido Bike Launches Operations

Guwahati: Rapido Bike Launches Operations

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Guwahati, December 17, 2018:

Bengaluru-based bike taxi app, Rapido, has launched its operations on Monday in Guwahati. Rapido intends to ease traffic on the roads by providing commuters with the option of using a bike.

Rapido’s customer base is mainly concentrated in South India and the company is looking to expand its reach across the country.

The main aim of Rapido is to provide economical, cost-effective, fuel-efficient and time-saving transport. It offers commuters the alternative option of a bike instead of a car or public transport to navigate through traffic snarls quickly and reach the destination on time.

To avail of Rapido services, the Rapido mobile app has to be downloaded and the ride must be booked. A rider known as a 'Rapido Captain’ will come and escort the commuter to his/her desired location. Rapido offers Guwahati citizens the option of a faster, economical and easy-to-use medium of commute.