Guwahati Tea Auction Center breaks records, ushers in new era of prosperity for Assam tea industry

Guwahati Tea Auction Center breaks records, ushers in new era of prosperity for Assam tea industry

The Guwahati Tea Auction Center has achieved new milestones with record prices for Assam teas, showcasing the industry's high quality and demand. This success highlights the bright future for small growers and the positive impact of a transparent auction system.


The Guwahati Tea Auction Center has achieved unprecedented price records, marking a significant turning point for both large-scale producers and small tea growers in the region.

The recent auction witnessed a historic moment as two lots of Hookhomal CTC teas soared to an extraordinary price of Rs 723, showcasing the exceptional quality and soaring demand for Assam teas. Facilitated by J. Thomas & Co., these prized lots found enthusiastic buyers in M/s Arihant Tea Co. & Shree Jagdamba Tea Syndicate.

Remarkably, even teas from small tea growers commanded remarkable prices, with 100% quality tea fetching Rs 436 per unit. Produced by Rajajuli Bought Leaf Tea Factory under the brand Dharmajuli Teas and marketed by Paramount Tea Marketing Pvt. Ltd., these teas were swiftly acquired by M/s Baruah Innovation of Guwahati.

This groundbreaking achievement not only underscores the industry's recognition of quality teas but also promises brighter prospects for small growers. The substantial prices attained for their produce signify a positive shift in the industry, offering hope for improved livelihoods and sustainability.

The transparent and competitive auction system played a pivotal role in facilitating such remarkable prices. Unlike private sales, where pricing may lack transparency, the auction platform ensures fair value for tea, fostering trust and reliability among stakeholders. 

This development sets a precedent for future auctions and consolidates the Assam tea industry's position as a global leader in quality and innovation.

Edited By: Avantika
Published On: Jun 05, 2024