Guwahati woman, a mother of two, set ablaze by husband demanding 'dowry'

Guwahati woman, a mother of two, set ablaze by husband demanding 'dowry'

Guwahati woman, a mother of two, set ablaze by husband demanding 'dowry'

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GUWAHATI: The evil practice of dowry struck again on February 28 as a man hailing from the Narengi area of Guwahati city in Assam set his wife on fire for her inability to meet his 'dowry requirements.'


On a fateful night, Dharmeshwar Das brutally attacked his wife, thrashed her, and burnt her using a 'newspaper' while their children -- a son (8) and a daughter (18 months) -- were asleep.


The woman's yells reportedly roused the neighbors who came to her rescue. Although she survived the horrific ordeal, her body was covered in severe burn injuries and hence, she was shifted to the Gauhati Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) for her treatment.


Dharmendra, Purabi's brother, informed Inside NE that the husband had been holding his sister 'hostage' for quite a while now.


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"Although they got married after being in love, it was hardly an ideal union. He would keep demanding money from us. Upon failure to do so, he would thrash her soundly. He also used to suspect her with other men. This caused a rather depressing atmosphere in the home, with the children being great sufferers.


"Throughout the years, their (the husband's) family had been constantly demanding dowry. We did manage to give some things. However, after our father passed away, things became a bit difficult."


"On that day," Das added, "Purabi had switched off her phone. Following which we became concerned. Thereafter, we were informed that she had been rushed to the GMCH. When we got there, we came to know that she had been beaten black and blue. Her sari was also set on fire by my brother-in-law, causing her serious injuries. At one point of time, we thought she would be dead."


Munna Prasad Gupta, Commissioner of Guwahati Police, informed Inside NE that investigations are "currently underway."


"As soon as we got wind of these affairs, a team was dispatched to nab the accused husband. He has been arrested and due process is underway. Appropriate punishment will be meted out to the accused if he is convicted."