Hailakandi administration comes up with memes for connecting with young voters

Hailakandi administration comes up with memes for connecting with young voters

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Hailakandi, April 3, 2019:

In an effort to catch them young, the Hailakandi district administration in partnership with SVEEP Cell has come up with a unique idea to attract the first time voters belonging to the new age millennial generation.

Launching an appeal to the first time voters and youth using social media here on Tuesday, District Election Officer cum Deputy Commissioner Keerthi Jalli urged them to come out and cast their vote as it has the great power to change things for the better.

She said the idea behind it all is to motivate and inspire the youth who usually do not turn up for voting as they consider it as a fun-filled holiday.

Using Bollywood memes to cut the ice between government and the Gen next and then seek their promise to vote by way of a selfie with a Facebook frame specially created for Hailakandi voters is a unique and attractive way to woo the young voters by the district administration and SVEEP Cell.

Jalli is personally sending a message to all first time voters of Hailakandi through an appeal to come and vote and in return is seeking their show of support through the usage of the frame on their DPs of their social media accounts for wide publicity.

Making an impassioned plea to the young voters, Jalli said, "I write to you personally to seek your promise to go and vote on the 18th of April in Hailakandi. If you agree to go and vote, you can use the frame 'Hailakandivotes' on Facebook and change your DP and send a snapshot to this number in return which will be highlighted on our 'Voters of Hailakandi' FB page. Looking forward to your changed filters towards democracy too."

The district administration has left no stone unturned to ensure cent percent polling on election day with the focus on youth and women.

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Published On: Apr 03, 2019