Halem Police bust major burglary ring in Assam, 8 arrested

Halem Police bust major burglary ring in Assam, 8 arrested

Halem Police have dismantled a major burglary ring in Assam, arresting eight individuals involved in a series of thefts. This operation underscores the police's commitment to maintaining law and order in the region.

Eight individuals arrested in Assam burglary ring bust Eight individuals arrested in Assam burglary ring bust

Halem police have scored a significant victory in their fight against crime by dismantling one of the largest burglary operations in northern Assam. 

The crackdown targeted a notorious gang responsible for a string of thefts, ranging from targeting power grid wires to raiding both big companies and small shops across the region.

The breakthrough came when authorities received intelligence indicating the gang's intention to target a modest liquor shop located in Brahmajan, within the jurisdiction of the Halem police station. 

Acting swiftly on this information, a coordinated operation was launched, involving a confidential informant, the Pam Khedi Gahpur sub-divisional police officer, and the officer-in-charge of the Halem police station.

In a meticulously planned raid, law enforcement apprehended eight individuals believed to be key members of the criminal syndicate. 

Additionally, authorities confiscated a scorfio and a truck suspected to have been utilized in the execution of various thefts.

The arrested suspects have been identified as Sabdan Khan, Shafiqul Islam, Akrom Ali, Sayed Ali, Najrol Haque, Qaim Ali, Zaharuddin Ali, and Badiwood Zaman Sarkar, all hailing from Mukalmowar in Nalbari district. 

Following the arrests, the Halem police have formally initiated legal proceedings by registering a case under Case No. 35/2024 of the Halem police station.

Currently, the interrogation of the eight apprehended suspects is underway as authorities seek to extract vital information regarding the extent of their criminal activities and potential accomplices.

The successful operation underscores the unwavering commitment of the Halem police to uphold law and order in the region, sending a clear message of deterrence to criminal elements seeking to exploit the community for illicit gains.

Edited By: Puja Mahanta
Published On: Jun 06, 2024