HPCL employees will get dues as demanded, says Assam Minister Pijush Hazarika

HPCL employees will get dues as demanded, says Assam Minister Pijush Hazarika

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GUWAHATI: An eviction notice served by Kuldeep Verma, the liquidator of Hindustan Paper Corporation Limited (HPCL), to the employees of two defunct paper mills in Assam's Nagaon and Cachar to vacate their official quarters has stirred up the paper mill controversy yet again and this time Assam Government has given "assurance" to sort out the matter.

The paper mill in Cachar ceased functioning in October 2015 while the Nagaon unit has been non-functioning since March 2017. Employees have been deprived of their due salaries since 2017 itself.

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Talking to InsideNE earlier today, a few employees and the President of Kagaz Nigam Karmi Union have expressed their dissatisfaction over the notice and also felt that the notice was to put them under pressure to solve the matter easily.

They have also cleared that they will not accept the government's proposal to vacate the quarters before getting their due salaries of 56 months.

On asked, Assam Cabinet Minister and MLA from Jagiroad Pijush Hazarika said, "There is a meeting tomorrow between HPC employees and industry department, we should wait till then."

"The Assam Government has given assurance again that dues will be given according to their demands only. We are certain that the issue will be solved this time as almost 95 per cent of people are with the government's proposal," Hazarika asserted.

The HPC employees have a demand of Rs. 530 crores, along with some other additional compensations which will round up nearly to Rs. 630 crores and Assam Government is ready to pay that amount within one week in one condition of getting the paper mill lands back.

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