If Akhil Gogoi is a terrorist, what is Modi who abets mob lynching? asks Medha Patekar

If Akhil Gogoi is a terrorist, what is Modi who abets mob lynching? asks Medha Patekar

Akhil Gogoi Akhil Gogoi

GUWAHATI: Narmada Bachao Andolan leader Medha Patekar today asked if Akhil Gogoi was a terrorist, what is Prime Minister Narendra Modi who spreads hatred among different communities to abet mob lynching?

Addressing the media here, the activist said Gogoi has been framed a Maoist because he has been the voice of the people.

“Assam minister Himanta Biswa Sarma brands Akhil Gogoi as the symbol of anarchy because Gogoi and his aides have exposed his government’s corruption. His anger is justified. But that doesn’t mean you can put him behind the bars,” Patekar said.

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“They (government) tag him a Maoist. But, do they know what is Maoism? Had he been a follower of Mao, he would have gone for armed struggle. Why would he go for democratic protests if he is a Maoist? he has chosen electoral politics to fight for the people which is again not a Maoist ideology. And, if Akhil Gogoi is a terrorist for staging protests in the interest of the people, what is Narendra Modi? He can go place to place and instigating mob lynching targeting the Muslims. Is that not violent?

“These politicians sitting at the Centre have locked up Akhil Gogoi so they could pass anti-people projects one after another in the interest of their corporate friends without any resistance,” she added.

Alleging that the government was only patronising  corporatisation to benefit the capitalists, Patekar said the Northeast has been gradually witnessing infiltration of corporates and capitalists.

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“We are ready for a public debate if they can talk about our national property they have sold. And if we talk about their flaws, they call us andolan jeevis (professional agitationists). Yes we are andolan jeevis and I am thankful to Modi ji for giving such a beautiful designation. But, they also do andolan (agitations) in the name of mandir-masjid. When they also do same, why should they mock us?” the veteran activist said.

About the proposed big dam in Assam, Patekar said: “It took us 35 years of agitations to secure rehabilitation for the displaced people of Rs 60,000 crore Narmada dam project that actually benefitted none. Will Assam also see a similar fate? If the government patronises these kind of anti-people activities, agitation can be only option left with the common people.”