International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking observed in Assam

International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking observed in Assam

Illicit Trafficking Illicit Trafficking

Hailakandi, June 26, 2019:

The International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking was observed in many places of Assam with various activities on Wednesday. An International Day Against Drugs Abuse and illicit trafficking programme were organized by Tinsukia District Police at Tinsukia College.

Tinsukia District DSP Bitupan Chetia, additional S.P Asif Ahmed, Tinsukia district journalist association president Dr.Rishi Das sir, Tinsukia collage principal Rana changmai and other persons of repute were present in this programme, which brought light to the menace of drugs and how it affects society.

Similarly, in Hailakandi district, awareness programmes were held in Tribal High School, GSM HS School, Jamira High School, Lakshirbond HS Madrassa, Panchgram Town High School, Katlicherra Girls' High School, Rangauti Girls' High School, Nityanandapur High School, JCHS School and Barnagab Girls' High School, which included awareness meetings on drug abuse and trafficking, display and distribution of banners, posters and pamphlets on 'Say No to Drugs'.

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Inspector of Schools, Rajiv Kumar Jha said the message the principals and teachers tried to drive home loud and clear among the students is 'call for concerted efforts to eradicate the menace of substance abuse, as it affects one socially, economically, culturally, physically and emotionally'.

Pledge was administered to the students to do away with the menace of drugs and to work assiduously towards making the society free of substance abuse.

This United Nations day recognizes the adverse effects that drug abuse and illicit trafficking have on health, security, peace, and development. Over 1,90,000 people deal with illicit trafficking each year. But that's not all; it takes a heavy toll on health as it increases the risk of HIV, Hepatitis and Tuberculosis.

The United Nations is committed to peacefully addressing the challenges posed by illicit trafficking and drug abuse. Keeping the international drug control conventions in mind, the UN continues to fight the battle against drug scourge with a focus on the health and welfare of the people.

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Published On: Jun 26, 2019