Kamakhya Temple Door Closes Today, to Re-Open on June 26

Kamakhya Temple Door Closes Today, to Re-Open on June 26

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Guwahati, June 22, 2019:

As the annual Ambubachi Mela has kick-started, the main door of the Kamakhya temple has been closed today and will reopen on June 26 (Wednesday)

Speaking to one of the priests of the temple confirmed that the door has been closed down today at around 4 pm and after the evening Aarati, the door will be closed for the next four days and will reopen at 6 am on June 26.

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The Kamakhya temple has been decorated with garlands of fresh flowers especially with “Marigold” and fancy lights. The Nilachal Hill, where the temple is located, is all filled with colours and holy songs.

Folk and contemporary music of West Bengal and other states become the heart of the temple during this period of the Mela.

Devotees have thronged the Shakti temple in offer prayers before the door closes for four days.

Ambubachi, known as Amoti in the native tongue attracts devotees as well as tourists from across the globe. The number only increases with each passing day during the event.

Babas and tantrics station at the temple for this period of time, when it is believed that it is Goddess Kamakhya’s yearly menstruation course.

It may be noted that the Guwahati city administration and the government of Assam have taken adequate measures in order to ensure the smooth functioning of the Ambubachi Mela. Simultaneously, they have also made arrangements so that there is no stone left unturned in providing devotees with the basic facilities.

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Published On: Jun 23, 2019