Kargil War Veteran Sanaullah Released from Detention Camp

Kargil War Veteran Sanaullah Released from Detention Camp

Sanaullah Sanaullah

Goalpara, June 8, 2019:

Kargil War veteran Mohammad Sanaullah (52) has finally been released from a detention camp in Goalpara district of Assam after the Gauhati High Court granted his interim bail on June 7.

The Kargil war veteran was sensationally detained and declared a foreigner by the Foreigners’ Tribunal in Kamrup district.

Meanwhile, Sanaullah has been asked to furnish a bail bond of Rs 20,000 with “two local sureties of the like amount”.

The court also directed Sanaullah not to move out of the territorial limits of Kamrup, without prior approval of the Kamrup Superintendent of Police. The Court has also directed the authorities to obtain the biometrics of Sanaullah before releasing him on interim bail.


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An army veteran with 30 years of service, Mr Sanaullah was working as an officer with the border police - a unit of the state police service - when a call came which said that he had been declared a "foreigner". He was subsequently sent to a detention camp.

Ironically, one of its main jobs is to stem illegal migration from Bangladesh.

But Mr Sanaullah was luckier than most. His story caught the attention of national media, which began flashing headlines that a "war hero" in the state had been declared a foreigner.

Outrage quickly followed and the war veteran's tale has been followed by both national and international media.

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Published On: Jun 08, 2019