Manipur: 'Government in Exile' Opposes Titular King's Joining of Indian Politics

Manipur: 'Government in Exile' Opposes Titular King's Joining of Indian Politics

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Imphal, March 24, 2020:

Revolutionary Group People's Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK) has on March 23 expressed opposition to the Manipur titular King, Sanajaoba Leishemba, for filing nomination papers for the Rajya Sabha. On behalf of the alleged Chief Minister of the de jure government of Manipur in exile, the PREPAK has decried the King joining politics in India after he filed his nomination papers in the Rajya Sabha.

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PREPAK on behalf of the alleged Chief Minister of the de jure government of Manipur in exile called upon the King to reconsider the titular King's entry into the political world.

The Government in Exile has condemned the entry of the titular king into Indian politics. According to the statement, the titular King is the sovereign head of the state according to the constitution of Manipur, and the same was recognised by the Indian government and the British way back in 1947.

In the eyes of the Manipuri people the king holds an aspiration to manipur's existence as a sovereign state and has been the symbolic head of the various rebel outfits struggling for Manipur's self determination.

In the release pushed forth by the PREPAK, the 'Chief Minister' of the Government in exile in London says that the Indian government along with the present state government is baiting the king to enter Indian politics (elected representative) to undermine the aspiration of the Manipuri people for self determination. It alleges that this is not the first move from the Indian authority as in previous cases, there have been several efforts to evict the king from the palace, which is regarded as a Parliament.

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"The Chief Minister with the Members of the Council humbly requested His Highness the Maharaja Leisemba Sanajaoba who is heading to enter as a member of the Rajya Sabha in the Republic Parliament of India to rethink your (Maharaja) official and monarchal position of the Office of the Maharaja of Manipur", the press release further stated.

Manipur’s titular king Sanajaoba Leishemba filed his nomination papers as a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate for the lone Rajya Sabha seat from the state going to polls, and his foray into Indian Politics has drawn sharp criticism from the separatist organizations in the State.

It may be recalled here that in October last, the representatives of State of Manipuri King Leishemba Sanajaoba have announced separation from India and formed a Manipur State Council.

At a press conference in London, Chief Minister of Manipur State Council Yamben Biren and Minister of External Affairs and Defence of Manipur State Council Narengbam Samarjit announced before media that they were speaking on behalf of the Maharaja of Manipur High Highness the Leishemba Sanajaoba to formally launch the exiled government – the Manipur State Council. The exiled government is based in London, United Kingdom. The titular King, however, has claimed that he is in no way connected to the separatists.

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Published On: Mar 25, 2020