Meet the grieving family of Biren Boro, Assam man murdered by mob for 'witchcraft'

Meet the grieving family of Biren Boro, Assam man murdered by mob for 'witchcraft'

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TAMULPUR: Tragedy befell 50-year-old Biren Boro's household yesterday when he was mercilessly killed by a murderous mob over allegations of practicing witchcraft. A mob of villagers swarmed to his house and after killing the patriarch of the family, damaged his house. As a result, the bereaved family has had to move out even as calls for justice are intensifying among local politicians and civil society bodies.

Talking to InsideNE, the Biren Boro's sister said that she was cooking lunch when local villagers arrived at their doorstep with murderous intent.

"Not only one or two but it seems like the entire village came to our house and thrashed my brother. They damaged our house so badly that we have had to relocate," she told us.

The deceased man's son told us that their family was accused of perpetrating witchcraft by a local seer.

"One person in the village was apparently possessed. Eventually, after consulting with a seer, the locals came to the conclusion that my father was responsible and they arrived yesterday around 2 pm and violently attacked him. Not only that, they even destroyed our property and possessions," he said.

Meanwhile, the All Bodo Students' Union (ABSU), the apex students' body of the region, has condemned the killing of Biren Boro as "it contradicts the modern philosophy of science."

The local ABSU unit, calling a press meet, said that the vandalism of the victim's house shows that the perpetrators of the crime "had a personal score to settle."

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"We would like to make an appeal to the people not to believe in such tales of witchcraft," the ABSU has appealed.

The incident took place in Kumarikata in Tamulpur subdivision of Baksa district. The victim has been identified as Biren Boro.

A team led by the Kumarikata police rushed to the spot to rescue the victim after being informed about the incident.

However, the mob became violent and attacked Police Officer Nilavjyoti Nath and vandalised the police van causing severe damage.

According to the ABSU, most of the villagers are involved in meting out 'punishment' to the elderly man for his alleged practice of witchcraft.

According to reports, an ABSU worker was also injured while trying to reason with the assailants.

Meanwhile, United People's Party Liberal (UPPL) leader and local MLA Leho Ram Bodo has also rued the 'witch hunting' episode and said that people should show "responsibility as a human being."

"Not as an MLA, but as a human being, I resolve to speak out against it. The act is highly condemnable and if possible, I will also try to reason with people and dissuade them against such archaic practices," he said.

At least seven perpetrators have been arrested so far and investigations are underway.

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Published On: May 26, 2021