Mission Basundhara 2.0: Deadline for premium payments approaches, pay by Feb 15

Mission Basundhara 2.0: Deadline for premium payments approaches, pay by Feb 15

The deadline for premium payments under Mission Vasundhara 2.0 is approaching. Participants are urged to make payments by February 15, 2024 to avoid cancellation of their settlement proposal.


In an update for participants in Mission Vasundhara 2.0, the Premium Payment notice has been issued, reminding applicants of the approaching deadline for premium payments. The last day for payment is February 15, 2024, and no extensions will be granted beyond this date.

Under Mission Basundhara 2.0 individuals who have accepted settlement proposals are required to fulfill their premium payments by the specified deadline. It is imperative to note that failure to meet this deadline may result in the cancellation of the settlement proposal due to unpaid premiums.

Mission Basundhara is a flagship program launched on 2nd October 2021 by the Department of Revenue and Disaster Management, Govt. of Assam. Under the leadership of chief minister of Assam, "Mission Basundhara" has been developed in a bid to streamline and resolve and to make land revenue services more accessible to citizens. 

To check the status of their settlement proposal and make the necessary premium payments, applicants can utilize the Seva Setu portal. Through this portal, applicants can submit their application number and access essential information related to their settlement.

It's important to highlight that the issuance of the lease to the applicant is contingent upon the full payment of the premium amount. Therefore, participants are urged to adhere to the February 15 deadline to ensure the successful completion of their settlement process under Mission Basundhara 2.0.

As the deadline looms, applicants are encouraged to promptly check their settlement proposal status and make the required payments to avoid any disruptions in the process. Mission Basundhara 2.0 aims to empower individuals with land rights, and timely premium payments play a crucial role in realizing this objective.

Edited By: Krishna Medhi
Published On: Feb 10, 2024