More BJP and NPP leaders will soon join Congress: Zenith Sangma

More BJP and NPP leaders will soon join Congress: Zenith Sangma

Zenith Sangma Zenith Sangma

Guwahati, January 20, 2019:

All India Congress Committee (AICC) Secretary-in-charge of Arunachal Pradesh Zenith Sangma, while on a two day visit to Arunachal Pradesh, has held internal meetings with many politicians from different parties.

During the visit, two sitting National People’s Party (NPP) MLAs, Tapseng Taposh & Rajesh Tamchi and two former Ministers from BJP Lishi Legi and Kamili Mosang Jalong, with many supporters, joined the Indian National Congress Party in a function held at Congress Bhavan in Itanagar.

According to the Congress leader many more are going to join the INC as people are not finding any alternative to Congress party.

"This is just a beginning and shortly, leaders including MLAs from other political parties are going to join congress party in Arunachal Pradesh and other parts of northeast leading to the disintegration of NEDA," said Sangma.

While BJP and its allies following the Congress’ defeat in the Mizoram polls had claimed that Northeast has become Congress 'muqt' (Congress free), Congress on the other hand claims it's gaining strength in Northeast once again as they aim at making 2019 year a successful one for the party.

"This is the reflection that people don’t have faith in BJP and its ally NPP", said Sangma.

Elaborating further he stated: "This is the reason that in spite of Congress being in opposition, the sitting MLAs are deserting NPP and BJP to join congress."

He also added: "The people of the northeast in particular and the nation as a whole have lost faith because of ill design in the governance and anti-people policies of the BJP led NDA government, they have found no alternative to the Congress party."

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Published On: Jan 20, 2019