Mothers Old Age Home - What happens next?

Mothers Old Age Home - What happens next?

Old age home Old age home

GUWAHATI: Mothers Old Age Home - the famous resort to as many as 75 elderly people - which used to be known for the "happiness" and "positivity" it shares - has caught up in a fresh round of controversies due to some dispute between the committee members.

Utpal Harshavardhan and Monica Sharma have been the pillars of this home and taking care of its residents for nine years now. The elderly people have been seen quite happy under their care till now.

But recently, a rift between Utpal and Monica has shaken the core of the foundation of this very home, and the fate of the 75 elderly people could be seen hanging in balance.

"Monica seems to be changed a lot in the past two three months. She has become very rude. It seems like she's being handled by some third person, not by herself. Now the situation is like that, she might hand over the NGO to someone else if she could," said Utpal while speaking with InsideNe.

Utpal also asserted that in the last nine years Monica has been the Secretary though Presidents were kept changing every three years. But now Monica wants a different committee while Utpal believes there is no need for that.

"Being the main person of the committee she has to manage time for our grandmothers. But she's studying law and has no time hence felt the necessity of a new committee. I'd suggest her to bring some changes in herself first," Utpal added further.

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When Utpal had to say that Monica has not been good to the elderly people residing in the home, Monica on the other hand said, "Utpal scolds some of our grandmothers sometimes. When social welfare officials learned about that and Utpal thought that our grandmothers might complain against him, he faked out a suicide drama."

Monica added, "He wanted to blame me for all these, and to save myself I had to go to the police at last."

Though Utpal has taken the reference to some personal reasons as well to justify the situation Monica denied all those and said that the reason for to dispute between them is not personal but official.

Utpal is ready to run the NGO as it was before but he is strongly against Monica's idea of having a new committee on board.

"I want a few more members in the community. That would be helpful for us only. But I do not understand why is he keep on protesting against it," expressed Monica.

On the other hand, a grandmother from the old age home, clearly said that they all are ready to go with Utpal instead of Monica.

"Monica wants us to support her. But why would we? We will only support the one who has been taking care of us. She brought police twice here. Is not it harming the reputation of this place?" the senior citizen questioned.

"Both are like cats and dogs. We know they cannot stay together anymore. And we want to live in peace," she added further.

Nobody ever assumed that this place could ever be in turmoil like this. Many have questioned Utpal and Monica's intention regarding running the NGO as well when the financial dispute between the two came to light. But in the end, everyone's prayers end at one point, all want happiness and peace for the elderly people living here.

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