Motok community warns of revolt if ST demands not met

Motok community warns of revolt if ST demands not met


Guwahati, January 13, 2019:

Many organizations of the ‘Motok’ community organized a press meet at Tinsukia’s Jyoti Hotel to discuss the granting of ST status to the six agitating communities of Assam.

The leaders of the organizations alleged that the Central government has hurt the sentiments of the Motok as well as five other communities in regards to grant of ST status. They also alleged that the Motoks have not yet been assured that ST status will be granted to them and warned the government that if they are not given the ST status, the community is ready to protest.

The community has organized a series of protests to have their voices heard. On January 21, a blockade of railroad is being organized. From 27 January to 10 February, they intend to stage an economic blockade. They will also organize a series of anti-government marches from 15 February to 15 March. The organizations also condemned the Coordination Committee of the Tribal Organizations of Assam (CCTOA) as well as BTC Chief Hagrama Mohilary for their opposition to the grant of ST status. The Motok organizations have also pledged to remove the BJP government from the state if their demands are not met.