Nagaland 'diamond rush': Stones Reportedly sold to people in Assam for lakhs of rupees

Nagaland 'diamond rush': Stones Reportedly sold to people in Assam for lakhs of rupees


KOHIMA: Geologists who visited Wanching village in Nagaland's Mon district where there was a mad diamond rush following the discovery of glittering stones have confirmed that they were, in fact, quartz. Mon District Magistrate Thavaseelan K has been quoted as saying that the stones were sold by villagers to people in Assam for lakhs of rupees.

"We don't have any specific data, but we have been told that many people in Assam purchased the diamonds after the diamond rush in Wanching," he informed Inside Northeast.

After several social media posts claiming precious minerals being found in the Wakching area of Mon district in Nagaland, the state government has asked geologists to investigate the issue. The Director of Geology and Mining, Nagaland, S Manen in an order issued on Thursday detailed geologists – Abenthung Lotha, Longrikaba, Kenyelo Rengma, and David Lhoupenyi – to investigate and submit the status report at the earliest.

A team from the state’s Geology and Mining Department on Friday visited the remote Wanching village where the stones were found after numerous reports on social media about the possible discovery of diamonds in the remote village.

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Mon District Magistrate Thavaseelan K said on Saturday confirmed that the team believes that the stones found are quartz. The team of geologists reportedly carried back some samples for further analysis to be certain about the findings.

According to reports, a lot of the stones dug up by the villagers -- who reached the site in great numbers to retrieve the 'diamonds' -- sold the stones to people in Assam for lakhs of rupees. According to reports, almost every household in Wanching got some stones. Although mass digging has stopped, some villagers are still digging at the site.

Although quartz is far cheaper than diamonds, it also has some applications.


Quartz is a defining constituent of granite and other felsic igneous rocks. It is very common in sedimentary rocks such as sandstone and shale. It is a common constituent of schist, gneiss, quartzite and other metamorphic rocks (Source: Wikipedia).

It needs mention here that the district of Mon is known for its good quality coal. It is also available at the place where the stones were found.

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Published On: Nov 29, 2020