National Disasters that struck Northeast in 2023

National Disasters that struck Northeast in 2023

Here are some of the major natural disasters that occurred in the Northeast in the year 2023 which eventually became national disasters.


Natural disasters are something not unknown to Northeast. In fact, the wave of monsoons that last for most part of the year, bring in several instances of natural disasters in the form of floods and landslides that cause a great distress to all the eight Northeastern states. In 2023, some of these events became major national headlines, and in the process, became national disasters. Here are some such national disasters from the Northeast in the year 2023. 

Sikkim Glacial Burst

The Glacial Outburst Flood (GLOF) in Sikkim on October 4 was triggered by a landslide into a glacial lake, that in turn triggered an overtopping event that generated the appalling debris flow and flood. With several people killed, including army personnel, and roads and infrastructure badly hit, it was a catastrophe unimaginable for the people of the region. The incident also brought forth focus on the viability and risks associated with dams over rivers in the Northeast. 

Assam Floods 

Floods in Assam a yearly recurring phenomenon. Monsoons this year brought in a barrage of floods that engulfed large parts of the state. With over 30 districts affected and about 75,000 people affected, scores of people were forced to leave their homes and move to relief camps. Some of the worst affected areas also led to rescuing of stranded people. While political parties promise of solutions to the yearly round of floods, the issue remains a reality that haunts the people of Assam for next year as well. 

Mizoram Floods & Landslides

This year saw a crisis in the Mizoram as monsoon fury caused in a wave of floods and landslides. The districts of Lunglei and Lawngtlai were specifically affected by heavy rains as floods and landslides caused havoc during the monsoons. Scores of people had to be rescued amid the flood fury and communications were snapped as landslides damaged roads amid the onslaught of monsoons. 

Meghalaya Landslides 

This year, monsoons brought in a barrage of floods and landslides in Meghalaya as well. Incidents of flash floods and landslides caused havoc in several parts of the state, especially in East Khasi Hills district, left several dead and scores of houses damaged. Landslides also caused heavy damage to the connectivity in several parts of Meghalaya which caused further hindrance in taking help to the affected spots.

Arunachal Pradesh Monsoon Fury

Monsoons are a great worry for the people of Arunachal Pradesh. Like each year, this year too the state saw a wave of floods and landslides caused by the monsoon onslaught leading to severe damage to infrastructure and houses of people. One such incident happened in Nirjuli on July 10 when flash floods destroyed a burial ground built at a cost of Rs 1.4 crore. An incident of cloudburst in Shi-Yomi district damaged two power stations and disrupted power supply to the Mechuka township and adjoining areas. 

Edited By: Joydeep Hazarika
Published On: Dec 23, 2023