New Bodo outfit NLFB: What we know so far

New Bodo outfit NLFB: What we know so far

New Bodo outfit NLFB: What we know so far

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GUWAHATI: Yesterday, a new Bodo militant outfit -- the National Liberation Front of Bodoland (NLFB) -- made its presence felt by releasing a chilling video on social media where it urged people not to vote for the ruling BJP party in the ensuing Assembly election in the state.


While police is yet to make any confirmations, it is suspected that this group, which is reiterating the demand for a separate state Bodoland, could once again cause tensions to flare up in the region.


“Today the unwilling motive of Indian government and the Assam government to solve the issue has compelled us to take a new decision to struggle and fight for our rights. So today (12/10/2020) we have formed a new arms revolutionary group with nomenclature and style “National Liberation Front of Boroland” (NLFB),” the outfit said in a statement emailed to media, giving a hint about its motives.


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M Batha is likely the leader: Batha, who was the bomb expert of the NDFB (S) faction and returned to the mainstream after the signing of the peace accord. His 'disappearance' was reported days before the emergence of the NLFB. Moreover, Assam's IGP LR Bishnoi has confirmed that Batha and 30 of his aides, who have returned to the underground, are in possession of sophisticated weaponry.


Earlier, Assam's Director General of Police (DGP) had hinted that several 'elements', apart from Batha, have returned to resume an armed struggle.


The NDLB are not friends of the BJP: In its very first release, the new militant outfit has urged the indigenous people of the state not to vote for the saffron party, which it has termed as a "threat." The party, which is increasingly becoming a factor in the BTC, recently formed the government along with allies UPPL and GSP, ousting the Hagrama Mohilary-led BPF in the process.


How the local leaders are reacting: A slew of leaders from the Bodo-belt, including Promod Boro, the chief executive member, have voiced their concerns over the emergence of this latest insurgent group.


While Boro has rued that "it makes no sense" to float an insurgent outfit to , MP Naba Kumar Sarania today said that "they will be found out" wherever they are operating -- most likely in the jungles of Bhutan. 

Edited By: Rana Pratap Saikia
Published On: Mar 16, 2021