New Central Committee of All Bodo Students Union takes oath today

New Central Committee of All Bodo Students Union takes oath today

New Central Committee of All Bodo Students Union takes oath today New Central Committee of All Bodo Students Union takes oath today

Guwahati, 16 January 2019:

The All Bodo Students Union (ABSU)’s New Central Committee on Wednesday took oath in Kokrajhar for the upcoming session of 2019-20. After taking the oath, the delegates pledged to take up a number of issues and assured to work on them. They are:

  1. For the protection of identity, culture, land and political right of the Indigenous Bodo people, the All Bodo Students Union will continue its democratic mass movement and intensify to any extent to achieve the long-cherished goal to create Bodoland state. The delegate house empowered the central cabinet to take any policy decision on the matter of movement and politics.
  2. All Bodo Students Union will strongly oppose any decision of the government which are going to affect the right and privilege of the existing Tribals of the Assam. If some more advance and populous communities are enlisted in the ST list, the existing tribal will lost its land, political representation, educational opportunity, employment, economy and great impact in social life. Further, the house strongly condemned the statement made by Hagrama Mohilary, stating to grant ST to 6 Community in the BTAD region in advance.
  3. The delegate also discussed the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016 which is already passed in the Lok Sabha and the house resolved to oppose it. Further, it is decided to continue the organisational support with 30 indigenous organisation movement groups for protection of indigenous rights.
  4. The delegates sitting resolved to work more effectively for all round development in bringing quality education in Bodo medium education through “Mission Quality Education”. The Union also strongly demands to take care of the Bodo medium school and to distribute the textbook for the session 2019 immediately and to fulfil all demands raised by the Union which is mentioned in the Action taken report by the State Government.
  5. The delegates sitting resolved to continue the work against witch hunting, superstition, child marriage, drugs & alcohol, gambling etc prevailing in the society through “Bodofa Mission for Sustainable Change”.
  6. The delegates sitting condemn the statement of BTC Chief Hagrama Mohilary, where he said that there are no criteria i.e. infrastructure, industry and IAS/IPS in Bodoland area to create Bodoland. It is an insult to the great Bodo leaders like Bodofa UN Brahma, Premsing Brahama, Bir Silagang and many more and also 5000 martyrs who died for the great cause. It hurts the genuine sentiment and aspiration of the Bodo people, working and fighting democratically to protect the distinct identity, culture, language, land and its existence of the Bodo people for creation of a state called Bodoland.
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Published On: Jan 16, 2019