'No Horn Day' observed in Assam to raise awareness against noise pollution

'No Horn Day' observed in Assam to raise awareness against noise pollution

No Horn Day No Horn Day

Guwahati, April 24, 2019:

At the initiative of the National Initiative of Safe Sound (NISS), International Noise Awareness Day was observed as No Horn Day in Assam today. A free hearing screening camp was organized by Swagat Swagat hospitals in association with Allahabad Bank on the occasion of International awareness against noise pollution on 24 April, Wednesday at Machkhowa in Guwahati.

The NISS is a joint project of the Indian Medical Association (IMA), an association of Otolaryngologists of India. Dr. Swagata Khanna, a former professor and head of Ear Nose Throat (ENT) at Gauhati Medical College has been selected and inducted as NISS state co-ordinator of Assam. She is also the director of administration, Swagat Hospital.

International Noise Awareness Day is observed on the last Wednesday in the month of April every year across the world.

Speaking to InsideNE, Dr. Khanna said: "If the sound is higher than 90 decibels, it may cause hearing impairment. Noise is 'unpleasant sound' and noise pollution is increasingly being recognized as a public health issue."

"All important occasions are being celebrated by creating noise either using very loud music or by bursting crackers. We cannot celebrate or worship or even mourn without very loud music. The impact of noise pollution is mainly experienced by children and youths, drivers, and traffic police. We have observed this day as 'No Horn Day' and it is necessary to curb the excessive use of horns on the streets as it will harm hearing", Dr. Khanna adds.




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Published On: Apr 25, 2019