No more lockdowns in Assam, confirms Himanta Biswa Sarma

No more lockdowns in Assam, confirms Himanta Biswa Sarma

Himanta Himanta

GUWAHATI: Assam Finance, Health, and Education Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma today stated that there won't be another lockdown in Assam, despite the emergence of a new strain of the novel coronavirus in the United Kingdom. A series of lockdowns in Assam is said to have crippled the economy, which continues to sputter after months of incurring losses.

Furthermore, the Minister has asserted that the schools will resume regular classes from January 1, as planned earlier.

This Minister made this admission amid renewed fears over a mutant version of the coronavirus, which is said to be deadlier and spreads more rapidly.

Sarma on Friday disclosed that a person who recently returned from the United Kingdom has tested positive for COVID-19.

The minister said that the person has tested positive after returning from UK, where a new mutated strain of the virus has emerged. Sarma has stated that it has not been confirmed whether the returnee has the new strain of the virus. The result will be confirmed after three days, the minister further said.

Just as the world was set to welcome the New Year, the information about a new coronavirus strain being identified in the United Kingdom (UK) has created an air of panic and worry all around the globe. This news has dealt a serious blow to the development of COVID-19 vaccines, as it remains whether they will be effective against the mutated version of the virus.

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The COVID-19 induced lockdowns wreaked havoc across India, with the shutting down of business establishments causing the economy to nosedive and triggered lay-offs across the country.

Assam enforced a series of lockdowns after a deadly spell of COVID that left hundreds dead and thousands infected. A series of lockdowns and night curfews left citizens in a quandary. Students were also affected during the lockdown, as those in the remoter areas unable to access the internet for "online classes."

Several businesses were closed down amid the lockdown in the State.

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