IPS officer launches North-East incubation centre to help migrants in New Delhi

IPS officer launches North-East incubation centre to help migrants in New Delhi

IPS officer launches North-East incubation centre to help migrants in New Delhi

North-East Incubation Centre North-East Incubation Centre

NEW DELHI: A North-East incubation centre has been set up in New Delhi by Helping Hands NGO with the purpose of making lives easier for the migrants from the region settled in the national capital.


Talking to Inside Northeast, Robin Hibu, the founder of 'Helping Hands, said, "We are trying to help the people who do not. Language problems. We are going in the gaps for the people who are living the corners of society away from their homes and families. We have already set up an office in New Delhi's Shamilar Bagh locality. In the second phase, we will set up similar centres in Kohima, Imphal, Itanagar, and Guwahati."


Hibu also informed that the people from the Northeast will be sensitized about their rights and given safeguards through a network of lawyers and medical professionals so that they can be bailed out of their problems.


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The centre aims to facilitate, educate and spread awareness among North-East migrants who face problems when they move to cities for education, employment, or for any other reason, he said.


The North-East incubation centre, which is being supported by the North East Council, ONGC and the Muthoot Group of Companies, seeks to provide the with modular awareness training on labour rights so that they do not face abuse and exploitation at workplace "Language classes in Hindi/other vernacular languages will be organised, particularly for those working in unorganized private companies," Hibu said, adding that there will be a coordinated awareness class on sexual harassment in workplaces.


Knowledge of the cultural mooring of cities for understanding the culture and sentiments of local cities, for smooth mingling among local people, he said.


Jobs awareness via online portals and HR agencies. Empowerment by training for financial inclusion activity. Special attention to women, children differently capable of dt.


Awareness of emergency helplines, and also to assist North East migrants in case of medical and other distress situation.


The centre also seeks offer self-defence instruction on Saturday Sunday/other holidays to North East female employees, he said.


Hibu said that the centre will also support victims of labour/salary payment-related cases, victims of sexual abuse, to investigate genuine private companies in order to deter work fraud.


To help the students from the region, the centre will be mobilizing scholarships for competitive exams for NE students and also conduct career guidance, workshops, etc.

Most importantly, the centre will function as a sort of guardian for people from the Northeast who are working in private unorganized sectors.


"We will create a databank so that it will become easier to for us to keep tabs on the individual and ameliorate their problems," he said.


To avail help from the North-Eastincubation centre one can reach by sending his/her problem through the following:

WhatsApp number: 9810083486

Email ID:


Facebook page: Helping Hands Society



Edited By: Lipika Roy
Published On: Feb 09, 2021