Northeast Frontier Railway sanctions commissioning of Araria-Galgalia line project

Northeast Frontier Railway sanctions commissioning of Araria-Galgalia line project

The Northeast Frontier Railway has approved the commissioning of the Araria-Galgalia line, enhancing the railway network in the chicken neck area. This project aims to improve operational efficiency and socio-economic growth in the Northeast region.


The Chief Commissioner of Railway Safety (CCRS), Northeast Frontier Railway accorded the sanction for commissioning of Pawakhali Thakurganj section of the Araria – Galgalia Railway Line Project after completing the statutory inspection of the newly laid railway line of 23.242 km between the two stations stations of the Araria – Galgalia New Line Project on June 12.

The entire project comes under Katihar Division of Northeast Frontier Railway, while the newly constructed broad-gauge line is opened with the primary objective to further strengthen the existing railway network in the chicken neck portion and improve efficiency of the entire railway operation in that portion. 

The railway line will be helpful for carrying more freights and passenger traffic through this route towards Northeast region.

The Araria – Galgalia New Line Project is of 110.75 km out of which 23.242 km rail line is opened from Pawakhali station to Thakurganj station via Kadogaon Halt, Bhogdabar Halt. The new railway line will cover eastern part of Bihar.  The project will help in decongestion of sections and hence smooth movement of train services in Pawakhali – Thakurganj section and has generated huge number of employments in the nearby area. 

Furthermore, the line will also help introduction of movement of more number of trains in that area which will boost the socio-economic growth of people of the region. Economic scenario of the nearby areas will also improve significantly with savings in fuel and reduced cost of transportation apart from reduced time of travel. Transportation of goods will also become cheaper.

Adding to passenger amenities, 3-meter-wide new foot over bridges, waiting halls and new passenger platform sheds have been constructed at both Pawakhali & Thakurganj. 3 gents and 2 ladies’ toilets at Pawakhali and 2 gents and 2 ladies’ toilets at Thakurganj were also constructed. 

Additionally, drinking water facilities for passengers have also been provided at stations. High level platforms are constructed for ease of boarding and de-boarding of passengers from trains. 

It may be mentioned that there is 1 important bridge, 8 major bridges and another major road under bridge and 43 minor bridges in this section.

Edited By: Avantika
Published On: Jun 14, 2024