One Year On, Lynched Assam Youths Still Await Justice

One Year On, Lynched Assam Youths Still Await Justice

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Guwahati, June 8, 2019:

Exactly one year ago, on this day, (8 June), two young souls -- Nilotpal (Neel) Das and Abhijeet Nath (Abhi) -- were taken away from us when they were clubbed to death by ruthless villagers in Panjuri at Karbi Anglong district of Assam.

Videos of the duo, who were lynched on the suspicion of being child lifters, begging for their lives went wildly viral and many organizations of Assam came forward asking for justice, but one year on, the yells have dried down. The duo were lynched in the countryside of Karbi Anglong while on on an expedition to witness the majestic and beguiling waterfall known as Kangthilangsho that has always been a tourist hot-spot over the years.

Assam ADG, in a conversation with Inside Northeast has revealed how close Abhi and Neel are to justice. "I think the Court is better placed to say when the justice will be served, but the proceedings are on. The case has now shifted to Nagaon. The accused have been shifted there, and the case is proceeding as expected."

Meanwhile, the Abhi-Neel Smriti Raksha Samiti has organised a programme at the Silpukhuri Rajahuwa Naamghar today, June 8. The day began with the installation of a portrait of Abhi-Neel, which was followed by a drawing session on the theme, ‘Art against superstition’ by artists from various parts of the state of Assam.

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Published On: Jun 09, 2019