'People Who Harassed Dancers Will be Punished Severely': MLA Rekibuddin Ahmed

'People Who Harassed Dancers Will be Punished Severely': MLA Rekibuddin Ahmed

Rekibuddin ahmed Rekibuddin ahmed

Chaygaon, June 9, 2019:

In a shocking incident in Assam, girls in dance troop invited to perform at an Eid celebration were forced to strip and dance naked by rowdy spectators, although they managed to escape. Chaygaon MLA Rekibuddin Ahmed, while speaking to Inside Northeast, said that this incident is very "unfortunate".

The MLA has said that severe punishment will be meted out to the wrongdoers. "I am looking into the case, and immediate arrest order has been given to bring the culprits to justice. But let me assure you that the public is not involved in this. Many illegal operations are running on like gambling rings, for instance. The district administration is guilty due to their negligence to these illegal activities..."

Ahmed also expressed shock at this incident and said that his constituency Chaygaon is a "hub of cultural activities". He also offered apologies to the victims, and said that investigation is underway to ascertain the identity of the organizers. "Culprits will be sought out, no one will be spared", Rekibuddin Ahmed said.

According to a complaint filed with police by Arup D Rabha, director of the dance group, a special cultural show was organised on the occasion of Eid in the Asolpara village in Chaygaon area in Kamrup District.

Kuddus Ali, one of the organisers of the event, had contracted the Rainbow Dance Group of Boko in Assam for performing in the event on 7th June, and an amount of Rupees 37,000 was agreed upon for the same.

Accordingly, the 42-member dance group reached the venue in the evening on that day, but they were surprised to see that there was not any environment of a cultural program there. When they contacted Kuddus Ali, he took them to a weird looking place which was surrounded by corrugated sheet fences on all sides.

When the dance group started their traditional dance performance, around 700-800 youths present their created a ruckus, and started trying to pull the clothes of the girls in the group.

Instead of controlling the mob, the members of the organising committee also participated in this assault. They asked the girls to strip and dance sexual numbers naked, and threatened to attack them with daggers if they don’t comply.

Luckily, the group was able to escape unharmed and lodged an FIR at the local Police Station.

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