President Kovind Congratulates Hima Das in the Assamese Language

President Kovind Congratulates Hima Das in the Assamese Language

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Guwahati, July 22, 2019:

Wishes and congratulates have poured in from all corners of the nation after 'Dhing Express' Hima Das won five international-level Gold medals within 20 days. Indian President Ramnath Kovind has also joined the list of high-profile people who have congratulated Hima, but the President has done it in a unique manner as he has wished her in the Assamese language.

A tweet sent out from the official account of the President read: "তিনি সপ্তাহত পাঁচটা স্বৰ্ণ পদক! হিমা দাস, এয়া সঁচাকৈয়ে দুৰ্দান্ত প্ৰদৰ্শন। তুমি এনেদৰেই দুৰন্ত গতিৰে আগুৱাই যোৱা আৰু জিলিকি থাকা। তোমাৰ এই সফলতাই ২০২০ চনৰ অলিম্পিকত ভাৰতৰ বাবে বিজয়বাৰ্তা কঢ়িয়াই আনক, তাৰেই কামনা কৰিছোঁ- ৰাষ্ট্ৰপতি কোৱিন্দ" (which translates into: "5 Gold medals within 3 weeks! Hima Das, this is a truly awesome achievement! You keep running ahead in life in a breakneck pace and keep shining always! I hope your remarkable run continues till the 2020 Tokyo Olympics).

Responding to the President's tweet, the star from Nagaon's Dhing wrote: "ধন্যবাদ মহাশয় আপোনাৰ এই শুভেচ্ছা বাণী মোক আৰু এখোজ আগবাঢ়িবলৈ বহুত প্ৰেৰণা যোগাব । আশীৰ্বাদ কৰিব । (Thank you, sir. Your blessings will inspire me to go one step further. Keep blessing me.)

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