Prominent Tai Khamyang Scholar Deben Chowlik passes away at 84 

Prominent Tai Khamyang Scholar Deben Chowlik passes away at 84 

Deben Chowlik Deben Chowlik

Renowned Tai Khamyang Scholar Deben Chowlik passed away at his residence in PowaiMukh in Margherita on wednesday. He died  due to prolonged health conditions. 

Dies at 84, Deben Chowlik is survived by his wife, 5 daughters, son in laws, Grandson, Granddaughters and a host of relatives.  

Deben Chowlik was Expert in Tai Khamyang language from the great Tai Khamyang community has left the struggle for keeping this language alive as one of the knowledgeable members of the Tai Khamyang community in Powaimukh Tai Khamyang village under 124 Number Margherita Constituency of Tinsukia District.

“He was one of the very few people who could speak the Tai Khamyang language. So his demise is an irreparable loss not only to the Tai khamyang community but for all of us Because he has a vast storehouse of traditional knowledge of the community”, said a Journalist of Margherita.

“I was fortunate to have worked with him closely during my effort to document this language. In the process I was able to record some stories and narratives that he spoke in his mother tongue but then there was always so much to learn from him” said a student of Deben Chowlik.

“With his demise now there are only few more elderly people in the community who are still holding on to their language this is again a stark reminder to the fact that 'language endangerment is REAL' and it's happening fast, So unless and until the young members of the indigenous communities make conscious efforts to keep their languages alive, we are going to lose a lot of languages along with their cultural, traditional and other indigenous knowledge, information  in the coming days”, said Manash Pratim Gogoi Journalist of Margherita.

“With every single loss of these language champions the world is getting poorer in terms of linguistic and cultural diversity and of the  valuable knowledge embedded into it”, said a Scholar from Margherita.

Bhaskar Sharma, the MLA of No. 124 Margherita Constituency is the son-in- law of Tai Khamyang Scholar Deben Chowlik. 

Meanwhile, Margherita Journalists Association,Margherita Senior Citizens Association, Purvanchal Bhikkhu Sangha and many more organisations of Margherita Condole the death of Renowned Tai Khamyang Scholar Deben Chowlik and conveyed deep condolence to the bereaved family members.


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Published On: Apr 28, 2022