Royal Global University commits to carbon neutral campus by 2027, net-zero emissions by 2070

Royal Global University commits to carbon neutral campus by 2027, net-zero emissions by 2070

Royal Global University, with over 7,000 students, commits to a waste-free, carbon-neutral campus by 2027. This initiative aligns with India's vision of net-zero emissions by 2070 and sets a new sustainability benchmark in Northeast India.

Story highlights
  • Royal Global University aims for a carbon-neutral campus by 2027
  • Partners with TERRE Policy Centre for sustainability initiatives
  • Sets new benchmark for environmental responsibility in Northeast India

Royal Global University, the largest private university in Northeast India with over 7,000 students, has pledged to achieve a waste-free and carbon-neutral campus by 2027. This ambitious commitment, announced on World Environment Day, aligns with India's vision of achieving net-zero emissions by 2070 and sets a new benchmark for environmental sustainability in the region.

Dr. A.K. Pansari, Hon’ble Chancellor of Royal Global University, articulated his vision for this initiative. He stated, "Our goal is not only to make our campus a model of sustainability but also to inspire other institutions across the country to adopt eco-friendly practices. This initiative is a significant step towards our broader commitment to environmental stewardship and creating a sustainable future for the next generations."

To achieve this ambitious goal, the Royal Office of Sustainability at RGU has partnered with TERRE (Technology, Education, Research, and Rehabilitation for the Environment) Policy Centre, an internationally recognized organization based in Pune with credentials from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). TERRE will support RGU through research projects, seminars, and educational initiatives focused on promoting eco-friendly practices, reducing carbon emissions, and exploring renewable energy options.

Shri Utpal Kanta, Director of Growth & Strategy at Royal Global University, highlighted the significance of this partnership. "This collaboration with TERRE will provide us with the expertise and knowledge needed to transform our campus into a beacon of sustainability. Together, we are committed to creating an environment where students not only learn about sustainability but also live it every day."

As the first university in Northeast India to set such an ambitious carbon-neutral goal, Royal Global University aims to become a role model for other educational institutions nationwide. Their picturesque campus in Guwahati will serve as a scalable model for implementing sustainable practices.

Dr. Pansari also emphasized extending these sustainable practices to Royal Global School and all his real estate projects. "We aim to plant as many trees as possible and integrate sustainable practices across all our ventures," he stated, reaffirming his dedication to environmental conservation.

This initiative by Royal Global University marks a significant stride towards environmental responsibility and sets a high standard for educational institutions across India, emphasizing the importance of sustainability in higher education.

Edited By: sanchayaita roy
Published On: Jun 06, 2024