#SayNo2Spitting: InsideNe launches new Campaign

#SayNo2Spitting: InsideNe launches new Campaign

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Guwahati, January 1, 2019:

We often see splotches of red littering the walls of government offices, government hospitals, movie theatres, restrooms, malls, hotel lobbies, etc. For the uninitiated, this is not a wall painting pattern native to Assam, but rather, red stains from paan and gutkha which locals spit indiscriminately wherever they feel like. While these curious stains can be seen all over our country, it is especially a big factor in our state, Assam. In contrast, the neighboring state of Meghalaya is renowned for its kwai (pan and areca nut), but their streets are impeccably clean.

Things have gotten so bad in Assam that wherever you look, you are bound to see shapeless red patterns adorning walls, which is extremely embarrassing for us as tourists from other parts of the world get the impression that we are unhygienic when they come here. In a recent incident that should make every Asomiya’s head bow in shame, the Bogibeel Bridge, which was inaugurated by Prime Minister Modi on December 25 when it was opened to the public, saw red spit stains splattered across its length and breadth the very next day, in a baffling lack of civil sense shown by citizens.

The team of InsideNe is starting a campaign from January 1 onwards to raise awareness about this embarrassing situation in our localities. For starters, we are looking to spread the message in local areas and especially in government offices. InsideNe is also looking forward to using our social media platforms with a #SayYes2HealthyLife (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram) to spread this message to ensure the defacement of our streets, buildings and government offices comes to an absolute STOP! We request you to kindly refrain from spitting in public areas and discourage others from doing so as well.

Stay tuned to InsideNe for our campaign and support us in our efforts to promote a clean and green India, a swacch Bharat. Can we do it? Yes, we can! Help us in eradicating this menace from our country as a New Year resolution for the year 2019! You can also share your bad experiences with spitting on Facebook.