Section 144 Cr.P.C. imposed in Dibrugarh district

Section 144 Cr.P.C. imposed in Dibrugarh district

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The District Magistrate, Dibrugarh Stated that a sensitive Law & Order situation is prevailing in the Dibrugarh District owing to various reasons and due to the prevailing Law & Order situation, there is every likelihood of breach of public peace and tranquility and, Whereas, in his opinion, he is satisfied that emergent steps are to be taken in order to prevent any untoward incident likely to cause breach of public peace and tranquility in the District, endangering the safety of public life and property.

Hence, in exercise of the powers conferred upon me under Section 144 Cr. P.C., The District Magistrate, Dibrugarh has promulgated the prohibitory order on the following activities, prohibiting the same throughout Dibrugarh District.

1. Assembly of five or more persons in any public place.

2. Carrying of lethal weapons and arms in public places including lathis, daggers, sticks, spears, Swords etc.

3. Public rally, procession, demonstrations, strikes including hunger strikes, dharnas, shouting slogans, etc, in a public place causing obstruction to public roads and highways, footpaths and normal movement of traffic, etc.

4. Effigy burning, raising Swahid bedi in Govt. /Semi Govt. Land.

5. Training in public place, by way of drill etc. with weapons lathis etc.

6. Forcible collection of fund or subscription from public/lotteries/gambling at public place including roads highways, Govt. Offices. Also, Financial collection, forceful subscriptions/donations, extortion in any manner or form from any person, business establishments, office or intimidation of such kind by any person or organization for such collections.

7. Bursting or throwing of crackers etc. inflammable materials on the street or on public/pedestrians moving or stationery vehicles.

8. Throwing of colours and or any objectionable materials in public place, or members of the general public, particularly women and children.

9. Gathering or grouping loitering assembling at street corners, road junctions, footpaths and eve-teasing etc.

10. Using Loud Speaker between the hours of 10 P.M. to 6 A.M. and near hospital/Courts in Sessions, Education Institution etc.

11. Inflammatory speeches, communal or anti-State/anti-National Sessions, Education Institutions etc.

12. Use of tinted or opaque glasses (Dark glasses) vacuums horns coloured/blinding lights and driving with high beam lights in all vehicles particularly within town limits.

13. Wearing of olive green uniform (Army uniforms/Combat dress/Fatigues).

14. Wearing of Helmet is compulsory while riding two-wheeler including the Pillion rider.

The order prohibiting assembly of person at public places will, however, not be applicable in the case of assembly of persons, Cinema Hall and other regular places of entertainment, educational institutions for academic purpose and Railway Station/Bus Station and Airport for travels only and gathering in normal course of works or business or performing marriage ceremony and during celebration of religious functions, public or private of all communities.

The order will however not be applicable in respect of police and Army personnel on duty Magistrates, Judicial Officers and persons engaged on Govt. duty and other law enforcing agencies and in case of official works and functions.

Owing to the necessity of situation this order is passed ex-parte Under Section 144(2) Cr. P.C. However any one aggrieved by the order may approach the competent authority for modification/waiver of the order.

This order comes into force w.e.f. 15/6/2022 and will remain in force a period of 60 (sixty) days. Any violation of this order is punishable U/S 188 1.P.C.