Should Assam Government Apologize to Kargil Veteran Sanaullah?

Should Assam Government Apologize to Kargil Veteran Sanaullah?

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Guwahati, June 8, 2019:

Mohammad Sanaullah has been finally released from a detention camp after the 52-year-old Kargil veteran hailing from Assam had been branded a "foreigner".

Now that everyone has accepted that this person was not the one who is a "foreigner", it is pertinent to question what led to his detention in the first place. The investigation officer has even admitted to local news channels that he has never seen Sanaullah in his life.

To make a mistake while arresting a person is not a big deal, but what did the authorities do when Sanaullah said that he was a police personnel himself? Why were his please not heard by anyone? Why did the authorities not confirm who he was before packing him off to the detention centre?

If an army man is subjected to such levels of abuse, how will the weaker sections of people fight back when they are labelled a "foreigner" in their own lands?

This shows a negligence of the various departments of Assam, especially the Home Department, and a lack of competence on the part of the responsible authorities.

Why did anybody not call the Investigating Officer to confirm that Sanaullah was indeed the person he had taken a statement from despite his claims that he was actually a border I/C who was responsible for checking the influx of illegal immigration?

Why did they not take his documents to confirm that he actually a "foreigner" and not a Kargil war veteran?

He had to go to the High Court and face a lot of emotional stress due to the incompetency of the authorities.

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Published On: Jun 08, 2019