Assam: Smart phone catches fire on a flight from Dibrugarh to Delhi

Assam: Smart phone catches fire on a flight from Dibrugarh to Delhi

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On IndiGo's Dibrugarh-Delhi flight on Thursday, a passenger's smartphone caught fire mid-flight in an unusual incident. According to sources, the aircraft 6E 2037 was flying from Dibrugarh, Assam, to Delhi when a cabin crew member noticed flames and smoke coming from a passenger's phone. 


The cabin crew quickly put out the fire with the use of a fire extinguisher. "There was an incident of a mobile device battery heating up abnormally on aircraft 6E 2037 from Dibrugarh to Delhi," IndiGo said in a statement.


The staff has been educated to deal with all types of hazardous situations, and they handled the problem fast. There were no injuries to passengers or property on board." It's worth noting that Samsung's Galaxy Note 7, a flagship handset released in 2016, was discovered to have a serious battery manufacturing fault soon after it was officially released and shipments began.


Samsung first ordered a recall, which quickly escalated to the point that the smartphone was banned. Samsung not only lost billions of dollars as a result of this, but it also faced public outrage. All planes have since prohibited the use of the Galaxy Note 7.


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Published On: Apr 15, 2022