Guwahati: Spitting in public places can land in Jail, post offenders pictures on net and earn cash reward

Guwahati: Spitting in public places can land in Jail, post offenders pictures on net and earn cash reward

Spitting in public places can land in Jail Spitting in public places can land in Jail

GUWAHATI: Now spitting pan in public places or littering flyovers in Guwahati city without caring will lead you in trouble with the Assam government today issuing certain restrictions and strict punishments against such actions of people.

Despite the artists who had painted the entire flyover walls with beautiful images pleading not to spit and litter their artwork, almost all of the flyovers in the city, as well as other places in the state, have been littered by spitting pan by some sections of people.

The city has recently got a new flyover in Dispur, which was also painted with beautiful images of various diverse cultures and traditions of northeastern states by the artists.

However, the flyover was seen littered by a spitting pan shortly.

Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC), on the other hand, took it hard this time and came after spitting pan on the newly opened Dispur flyover's paintings and pasting advertisement posters on its pillars.

It may be mentioned that spitting in public is an offence under municipal laws in various cities, but it is hardly taken seriously by the people in the country.

The GMC has set up four WhatsApp accounts for people to post photos of people spitting or littering the cityscapes.

The helpline numbers are 8811007000, 7399003001, 7399003002, and 7399003004.

People can use helplines to post images of violators and their addresses.

The Corporation has also announced a Rs 1000 cash reward for posting pictures of the offenders on the internet.


Addressing the media, GMC commissioner Devasish Sharma today said, "Around 5% of the citizens here have been found to be littering in the city. They spit pan and throw garbage all over the place. We have previously fined some of them with Rs 5000, but this group of people continues to litter the city."

Sharma further stated that such people are impossible to control and that a set of rules and regulations must be strictly enforced.

The Commissioner said that FIR will be filed against the offenders under the GMC Law if needed.

The GMC authority has also directed that any groups or agencies that have placed posters in public places without the Corporation's permission remove them within 15 days or face legal action.

Moreover, the violator will have to face a fine of Rs 1,000 and if the offender repeats the same offence again, the penalty will rise."

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