ST (H) Status to Bodo-Kacharis in Dima Hasao, Karbi Anglong "Opposed" by Assam Congress

ST (H) Status to Bodo-Kacharis in Dima Hasao, Karbi Anglong "Opposed" by Assam Congress


Guwahati, February 28, 2020:

Assam Congress President Ripun Bora on February proclaimed in Assam's Dima Hasao district that the Government's decision to give ST(H) reservation to Bodo-Kacharis living in the Karbi Anglong-Dima Hasao districts is a wrong move as it infringes upon the rights of the other hills tribes.

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"The BJP Government has made a BTR treaty, and we never oppose the development of any tribe. We do not oppose the rights of Bodos. All should get equal development", Bora said. However, Bora said that the Hills people have been given the separate right of ST (H) and the inclusion of Bodos, the largest plains tribe in Assam, in the mix, will undoubtedly harm the interests of the people.

Ripun Bora, during a press interaction earlier today, proclaimed that an "alternative political party" will never be accepted by the people of Assam as the Congress

"Anti-CAA forces are joining forces, let me opine on that. People in Assam are matured, and the only motive is to stop BJP. There might be a new political party, but it will never be accepted as the Congress is seen as the only alternative to the BJP", said Bora.

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It may be mentioned here that although Bodos are jubilant after the signing of the Accord, it has left many communities, especially the tribals staying in the hills, miffed.

Assam Finance and Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma insisted the accord will bring peace between the Bodos and non-Bodos as there are provisions for exclusion of areas dominated by non-Bodos from the BTR and inclusion of tribal-dominated areas in the council.

Officials, however, are wary of complications in the hills of central Assam far from the BTAD because of the provision in the accord giving Scheduled Tribe (Hills) status to the Bodos living in Dima Hasao and Karbi Anglong districts.

“The Bodos are from the plains and they are enjoying the status of ST. If the Bodos of Karbi Anglong and Dima Hasao are granted ST (H) status, it will infringe upon the rights enjoyed by the Karbi and Dimasa tribes, who are the scheduled tribes of the hills,” said Dimasa Students’ Union general secretary Pramith Sengyung.

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Published On: Feb 28, 2020