State convention of Assam BJP held at Tezpur

State convention of Assam BJP held at Tezpur


Guwahati, January 2, 2019:

The ruling party BJP has been preparing for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls of 2019. Addressing a huge rally in Tezpur, the state leaders attended a day-long convention at Tezpur. The convention was attended by Assam BJP president Ranjit Dass, Cabinet minister Himanta Biswa Sarma and party representatives of BJP.

The convention was being held with the motive of discussing the strategies for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. Recent developments on Citizenship Amendment Bill are also expected to be raised in the convention.

The state is facing widespread protest over the Citizenship Bill while the BJP has maintained that it would not hamper the interest of Assam. Several ministers, legislators and office bearers of the party are taking part in the convention.

The convention was held with slogans addressing the comeback of ‘Modi Sarkar’ in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls being shouted by the people present at the meet.

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Published On: Feb 02, 2019