Sushmita Dev queries Assam Foreigners’ tribunal notice to 80-year-old woman

Sushmita Dev queries Assam Foreigners’ tribunal notice to 80-year-old woman

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Sushmita Dev, Trinamool Congress Rajya Sabha MP from West Bengal, Sushmita Dev on Sunday wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing an Assam foreigners’ tribunal’s choice to send a take note to an 80-year-old lady, Akol Rani Namasudra, inquiring her to prove her Indian citizenship.

In her letter, Dev moreover requested to the "central government to release the final National Register of Citizens (NRC)."

Akol Rani Namasudra, an inhabitant of Haritikar Part-1 under Katogorah Assembly constituency, whose child slaughtered himself after getting a D-Voter i.e., Dubious voter or Doubtful voter note in 2012. He received a notice from the Foreigners Tribunal final month. The order issued by a judge, Dharmananda Deb on February 23, inquired her to appear before the court on March 5, 2022. She couldn’t show up on the first date of hearing and the court inquired her to seem once more on April 4.

Dev wrote in a letter to the Prime Minister, “It is extremely questionable as to how the Assam police conduct inquiry upon people residing in Assam and on what basis. The maximum number of people issued with the notice by the Assam police are eventually found to be Indian citizens.”

Dev added, “In your speech in 2014, you said Arjun Namasudra is your brother, no Arjun will have to be live in fear or commit suicide if you come to power. Now his mother gets the same notice, in spite of the fact that her husband holds a citizenship card of 1956. I can only hope that your speech in the 2014 general election were not empty words.”

“You could not produce any valid documents before police during enquiry/verification regarding your citizenship within the stipulated period of time and on this ground, you're suspected to be an illegal migrant,” said The FT-4 notice against Akol Rani Namasudra.

A senior lawyer from Silchar, advocate Anil Dey has taken the duty of showing Akol Rani Namasudra’s case within the Foreigners Tribunal.

It’s a matter of stun how Akol Rani Namasudra is inquired to demonstrate her identity when her son has proved it already, he said.

Reverberating advocate Anil Dey, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) member of parliament (MP) from Assam, Rajdeep Roy said that he is additionally stunned to know this. Talking to HT, he said, “When the family has as of now proved their identity, he doesn’t get it how this lady got another notice. Modi Ji himself guaranteed us to ensure this family, and presently it is our duty to secure them.”

Sushmita Dev, who was MP from the Congress party and lost to BJP’s Rajdeep Roy in the 2019 general election from the Silchar constituency, joined the Trinamool Congress in August last year.

She got to be a Rajya Sabha MP from West Bengal later.

In her letter to Prime Minister, Dev too said almost pending NRC and offered to him to inquire Registrar General of India (RGI) to release the final NRC.

She also wrote in her letter to PM that, " Crores of people who underwent the process of updating their names in Assam and found their names included in the NRC have no clarity on the status of their citizenship and people who are left out of the NRC are also without a solution till date. Citizenship is a central subject and within the jurisdiction of the home ministry of the government of India and it is becoming extremely imperative to arrive at a solution for the state of Assam in this regard. I urge you to look into this matter and put an end to the harassment being caused to the genuine citizens residing in Assam."


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Published On: Mar 08, 2022