Two dead bodies recover including a minor girl in Hokai's landslide incident

Two dead bodies recover including a minor girl in Hokai's landslide incident

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Debolal Gorlosa, NCHAC's Chief Executive Member, paid a visit to Hokai Punchi village, where three people, including a minor girl, died in a landslide on May 14, 2022.

Rescue operations are being carried out by officers and staff of the District Administration, Police Administration, and Assam Rifles, with two of the three bodies, found so far.

Continuous rain and natural disasters continue, with officers and staff from all departments, as well as the general public, battling the calamity. Incidents have been reported from many areas of the district, with many houses being damaged and many individuals losing their homes. The railway and road networks in the Dima Hasao district have completely collapsed, numerous roads have been washed out, rivers are running out of danger level.

People who were stuck at New Haflong railway station have been moved to Maibang railway station by buses, which have been prepared by the district and police administration of Dima Hasao district, according to Deputy Commissioner of Dima Hasao Nazreen Ahmed.

The Guwahati-Silcher fast passenger train, which has been stuck at Ditokchera railway station since yesterday, has the majority of its passengers evacuated; nevertheless, there are still hundreds of individuals who will be flown to Silcher by helicopter. She also added that according to the railway authorities the railway will route will be settled down in two days.





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Published On: May 15, 2022