"Don't need your hashtags and RIP, we need our safety", says Guwahati molestation victim

"Don't need your hashtags and RIP, we need our safety", says Guwahati molestation victim

molestation victim molestation victim

GUWAHATI:  In a shocking incident a man allegedly molested a 24-year girl in Guwahati city on July 30. The accused approached the molestation victim in the guise of asking for directions, and allegedly groped her.

The incident took place around 4.30 am in the Rukmini Nagar area of Guwahati city on July 30.

Guwahati molestation victim

The accused has been identified as Madhusana Rajkumar, a resident of the Cachar district of Assam.

The molestation victim said, "I had some work so after finishing them I was coming back at around 4,40 am then the man who was in Scooty approached from the opposite direction and asked for directions of an address. I said 'Dada' (Brother) I did not hear, can you say again, then the man he comes closer to me and asked where the 'Sinaki Path' was, but before I could say him that I am unaware of the address and he should ask somebody else, he groped my private parts (sic)."

The molestation victim grabbed the accused somehow while he tried to escape on his two-wheeler.

Following the incident, people nearby gathered and an unknown person filmed the incident with his mobile phone.

The video was later posted on social media sites which triggered massive outrage.

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The 24-year-old  also took the incident to Facebook and writing a post of her ordeal tagged Assam Director General of Police (DGP) along with Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma and Finance Minister Ajanta Neog.

On receiving comments and messages that said she was overreacting, the molestation victim said," This is not an overreaction. Shall I have to wait for the accused to do more than that?. Today he groped me, tomorrow he will stalk me, and next, he would rape me and killed me. So that later you can just use those hashtags and write RIP on your posts (sic)."

"We don't need your 'hashtags and RIP, we need our safety' the molestation victim added.

Based on a complaint filed by the victim with the Dispur Police Station, the Police booked the accused under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

She further stated that the area has reported three molestation cases in the last 2-3 days.

She later expressed her gratitude towards the government of Assam and the police department for their prompt action.

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Published On: Aug 01, 2021