“We will keep fighting to survive”: Lurinjyoti Gogoi

“We will keep fighting to survive”: Lurinjyoti Gogoi


Guwahati, January 8, 2019:

Speaking to the Editor-in-Chief of InsideNe, AASU General Secretary Lurinjyoti Gogoi said that the people behind the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill know they are aware of the mistakes they have made and they are aware that they have insulted martyrs of the jati.

Referring to the leaders of the Assam movement who joined politics, he said that some have denounced the Bill while others have not.

He stated that politicians who have turned their back on the people will not be forgiven by the people and time will not be kind to them.

Speaking about the BJP and their allusion to the Battle of Saraighat in the run up to the election, he said that their move is similar to conspiring with the Mughals and harming the jati.

He said that the central government does not consider the Assamese real citizens of the country. He further added that the central government has hatched a conspiracy to erode the identity of the Assamese at put them at the mercy of foreigners so that they can control us.

Gogoi ended by saying that the Assamese people will keep fighting to survive against all threats.