Why was student leader Kirti Kamal Bora shot? Assam police gives explanation

Why was student leader Kirti Kamal Bora shot? Assam police gives explanation

kirti kamal bora kirti kamal bora

Anand Mishra, Superintendent of police in Nagaon district, has said that prominent student leader Kirti Kamal Bora was shot after he had "attacked the police" during an anti-drug operation.

Mishra told media that Kamal was suspected to be involved in dealings and policemen were sent in civil dress for investigation. He said that the student leader "attacked" to cops when he discovered their identity.

“In retaliation, the police team had to fire on the person to stop fatal injuries on the policemen. One of the police personnel is now in a severe condition”, he has been quoted as saying.

Mishra added that all the persons involved in the incident had been put through medical tests.

“We are doing what is right and if everyone starts saying that the police is wrong, then maybe we should stop working and let Nagaon turn back into what it was”, he added.

A Nagaon Police team allegedly shot the student leader in Nagaon’s Kachalukhua and he said that he was shot by the police after a small argument.

Kriti said that he was coming home after buying medicines for his mother and on the way, he saw a few police personnel beating two persons he knew.

When he questioned the policemen on what was going on, they allegedly asked him to get off his bike.

Kriti said that after he got off his bike, the police started to assault him and after he fell, one of them shot him on his knee.

He sys that the policemen were drunk.

"After I was on the ground, one of them brought some liquor bottles and threw them by my side claiming that I was drunk.”

Mishra said all angles are being investigated.

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Published On: Jan 23, 2022