Will take action against police officers if guilty: Assam CM on Kriti Kamal Bora incident

Will take action against police officers if guilty: Assam CM on Kriti Kamal Bora incident

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GUWAHATI: Assam chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma today promised action against the police personnel involved in the opening of gunfire on prominent student leader Kriti Kamal Bora in Nagaon district.

Himanta Biswa Sarma said that the officers who are involved in the incident, have been placed on leave for 7 days and asked to stay at the Reserve. “If they are found guilty, action will be taken as per the course of the law.”

Asked if the SP (Anand Mishra) will be charged, “The SP was not at the site. However, if we come to know that they were being directed by the SP via phone call. However, we first need to take accounts of the victims.”

The Chief Minister further informed that Additional Chief Secretary Paban Thakuria has been assigned to probe the incident and he will submit his report within 7 days.

“I have said earlier that the Assam police should be friends of the people and be protectors of the weak. We only say that they should be strict against criminals. However, we cannot tolerate if police personnel are found violating the code. I have said in Duliajan (at an all SPs’ meet) that civilians not have any cause to complain against the police force,” Sarma said.

Himanta Biswa Sarma reiterated that if police personnel have erred, they will be dealt with strongly.

A Nagaon Police team allegedly shot the student leader Kriti Kamal Bora in Nagaon’s Kachalukhua and he said that he was shot by the police after a small argument.

Kriti said that he was coming home after buying medicines for his mother and on the way, he saw a few police personnel beating two persons he knew.

As per the SP of Nagaon district, leader Kriti Kamal Bora was shot after he had “attacked the police” during an anti-drug operation.

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Published On: Jan 23, 2022