Will take stand in House based on command from BPF party: Biswajit Daimary

Will take stand in House based on command from BPF party: Biswajit Daimary

Biswajit Daimary Biswajit Daimary

Guwahati, February 12, 2019:

One of the prominent voices of Assam, Rajya Sabha MP Biswajit Daimary, spoke exclusively to InsideNE to express his thoughts about the controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Bill.

He stated that the Bill will either be tabled today or tomorrow. “It will be passed or will be rejected by the voting. Since this is a constitutional amendment Bill, it needs a 2/3rd majority in order to pass.”

Daimary further stated that the Bill will not affect the area under the Bodoland Territorial Council. “We (the BPF) have not cleared our stand on the Bill as it will not affect us directly because it will not impact us where we live. The BPF party is working for the benefit of the BTC people’s development”, he said.

“As per the Indian Constitution under the 6th schedule, especially under the Bodoland territorial council, the Citizenship rights clarify that only people who are within the formation of the Council are eligible for BTC privileges. If a person becomes a citizen of India, and he has no evidence of staying in the BTC area before its formation, he cannot enjoy privileges here. Thus, we have not given much thought to this Bill.”

“Any Bill becomes an Act based on votes, and analysis of right or wrong does not matter as per our democratic process”, he added.

But, Daimary promised to take a stand at the Rajya Sabha as per the decision taken by Bodoland People Front party. “We did not think the Bill would come like this, but we will take our stand in the House when the moment arrives” he added.

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Published On: Feb 12, 2019